Special Projects

EU Project ENLEB

June 2017 - 2020
European funded project of Interreg Vlaanderen - Nederland:
ENLEB (EnergieNeutraal LEvensloopbestendig Bouwen).



October 2012
At LSNED: Cathodic protection of steel pipes between Rotterdam and Antwerpen. 68 Amstels 1 CP installed.


Zeeland Seaports

May 2012
At the Zeeland Seaports: Amstel 4 CP rectifiers for cathodic protection of the transshipment quay for coal.


Fault Current Limiter (FCL)

March 2010
In co-operation with Alliander, Hellas Rectifiers improves the short-circuit behavior "Fault Current Limiter (FCL) " for the 10kV net.


Cathodic Protection Deltaworks

July 2009
Hellas Rectifiers delivers Amstels for Cathodic Protection of the Haringvlietdam, part of the Dutch water defending system. In cooperation with Vandervelde BV.


Chlorination Level Rectifier

January 2009
Hellas Rectifiers developed together with Van den Heuvel Watertechnologie BV and Prominent BV a special rectifier. This rectifier controls directly the chlorination level in swimming pools.


Keppel Verolme

Build in 2008
110V 500A portable DC natural cooled.
Verry solid contruction.
Application: Temporary 110V supply for building and maintenance on offshore instalations.



Build in 2007
2 Rectifiers of 5000A 10V - controlled on output power - natural cooled.
Application: Heating of pipelines for production of high voltage cables.


Shell Nigeria

Build in 2007
9 Oil Cooled Rectifiers - Explosion Proof Zone 1, 50V 300A, including SCADA. SCR controlled - Temperature Class T5 - Usable for ambient temperatures up to 60 Degrees Celsius.
Application: Cathodic Protections.



Anodize Rectifier

Build in 2005
Rectifier 22.000A 20V - Air Cooled - with external air inlet.
Application: Anodiszing.